Every bit as important as your focus pads and kick bag!
How do you know exactly how well you are progressing without expert feedback!
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Can the trainer wear the unit on their left arm?
Will every strike be counted if it is weak or not on target?
Can I use boxing gloves or bare fist?
Can I count / time kicks, elbows, knuckle strikes?

Mega-Strike System
Why is the Mega-Strike range better than the 2005 range of equipment?
How do I measure the strike improvement?
How much improvement might I see with this equipment?
How long will the system last before breaking?
Can the Mega Strike be used with weapons (sticks, tonfu batons, wood swords, nunchaku....)?

Mega-Strike Reaction Timer (not included on the Mini-Mega-Strike)
What is it measured in?
What time is expected?

Bout Ring Timers
How are the times set up?
How loud is the audible sounder?

Shield Target System
Is it best to use bare feet or protectors?
How large is the unit and active target size?
How do I mount the system?
No, otherwise the display will be upside down.
No, the unit only counts/time reasonably good strikes around the centre of the pad.
You can use either.
Yes, any strike can be counted / timed.
No wires! - the electronics are well protected and inside the shield. The Mega Strike has a larger and stiffer target for better strike absorption when hand-held. The new electronics are microprocessor based for better performance, longer battery life and more features. The active measurement area is larger to allow for those stray strikes which sometimes occur. Has lights to indicate strike magnitude (especially for kids).
If an average reading for a strike goes from 75 to 100, you have improved by 33%.
Users often see over 20-40% improvement in just the first few weeks!!
A long time! Our speciality is designing tough electronics used in hazardous ways. The guarantee is 12 months, but we expect you to enjoy the product for years. If the system needs re-furbishing, we can do this for you at a reasonable cost.
The standard guarantee is for human striking (foot, fist, elbow, etc.), but we can make tougher target shields if you wish to measure weapon strikes - contact us for details.
The simple timer has switch options. The advanced timer has a simple set-up procedure with prompts.
The simple timer is VERY loud! The advanced timer is EXTREMELY loud!! DO NOT PUT THEM CLOSE TO YOUR EARS
Yes (within limits), but you need to contact us with your requirements first.
You can use either depending on your style.
The target is 220mm diameter and the active target area is approx. 50mm x 50mm
Hand insert with wrist strap for mobile use, but better results are with rubber bungees strapped to a kick-bag.
You can use either depending on your style.
The target is 600 x 400mm, 100mm thick and the active target size is approx. 110mm diameter.
Holding straps on the rear for mobile use, but better results are with rubber bungees strapped to a kick-bag.
Seconds (0.00 2.50 with 1/00th sec. precision).
Everyone is different, and different punches vary in impact time. The average straight punch time will vary between 0.5 and 1.1 seconds and the average front kick time varies between 0.8 and 1.5 seconds.