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A selection out of the many interesting comments by satisfied users

"The Mega-Strike Shield has been fantastic. I use it to correct technique and maximise power with my students, who can actually see their results as they happen. What's more, by having Mega-Srike as an additional event at a tournament it meant that, with a small entrance fee, it has already paid for itself and brought in a profit! I could not have asked for more."
Zen Shin Karate

"We have been using the Mega-Strike pads in our classes for 4 months. I find them a great way of showing the students of all ages and grade the proper use of striking and kicking. The kids in the class find them great fun and compete to see who can hit the quickest (0.23 secs ) and the hardest (205). I liked the pads so much I encouraged the local authority to purchase another 5 Mega-Strike pads. Thank you Imptec!"
Stevie Mason - 5th Dan KWF Karate

"It's what we've been waiting for! They are very versatile and the pupils love them - Simply Brilliant."
Master Brian Beck

"Probably the most exciting recent development in the Martial Art industry and set to revolutionise the way students view their training and development."
Paul Clifton - Editor Combat, Trad. Karate & TKD magazines

"As an aid to all martial art techniques, this must be the best on the market and is proving to be reliable and rugged. The pupils in my dojo love it."
Sensei Patrick Mills - 3rd Dan Wado Ryu, All England Kata Champion and double European Bronze

ADVANCED TIMER - "No more fumbling around with stop watches or clock watching...program this little beauty at the beginning of a session and let it take care of the round time, amount of rounds and the all important rest time. Fantastic."
Karl Tanswell - Straight Blast Gym
"It was a fight to who had more whacks, the juniors or the seniors. It's now called the 'Whackometer'. Call for who's hogging the 'Whackometer' can now be heard."
Barry Archer 5th Dan - Chief Instructor Bushido Karate Assoc.

"The meter brought out a real sense of competition amongst both the adults and children. My pupils keep asking when they can use it again."
Sensei Mick Tee - 3rd Dan Freestyle Karate

"What can I say - simply OUTSTANDING! - I have never seen such determination produced by such a simple device."
Chris Smith 2nd Dan Karate