Every bit as important as your focus pads and kick bag!
How do you know exactly how well you are progressing without expert feedback!
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Count-N-Time counts and times multiple strikes and combinations

Mega-Strike range. Measures the POWER and SPEED of strikes

AdvancedTimer to time round and rest periods and automatically counts the rounds with a clear display and loud siren

MiniTimer to Continuous timer the round and rest periods with a loud siren
Kerry-Louise (current 3 times World full contact kickboxing, World & Grand World semi-contact and World light continuous champion), coached by Master Cris Janson-Piers

Gordon Slater 5th Deg. Essex TKD

Rayners Lane TKD

Strike improvement, Impact measurement and Timing products for all for all martial art and impact sports. Used by Masters, instructors, competitors and pupils in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and USA.

Imptec products are built to last - All products have a 12 month guarantee!!

Add these exciting tools to your teaching and training kit. They create a unique competitive element to your lessons, which will stimulate your pupils even more, leading to higher class motivation and better student retention.

Whether in the training hall or home, you will motivate yourself and accelerate your learning or competition preparation by MEASURING the QUALITY and SPEED of your strikes. BOUT RING-TIMERS (loud interval timers)
Throw away your stop-watch!! Whether boxing, kick-boxing, martial art sparring or competition, use our simple or advanced ring-timers to accurately time your rounds and rest periods. You set the times to suit your requirements.

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